Clyde Biosciences – experts in the field of developmental drug testing, giving unique insights into the working mechanisms and actions of drugs under development.

cellOPTIQ & XTENDSR give unparalleled understandings of drug screening & toxicity data, unavailable through any other technique.

cellOPTIQ is a unique Optical Action Potential Assay giving full understanding of the effects of your drug compounds on human cells.

XTEND(SR) enables you to get direct measurements of drug induced changes on Cardiac Sarcoplasmic Reticulum (SR) function.

Used early in the development process, this screens drugs that have potential from those that won’t.

This leads to –

  • Unique understanding of how drugs works and their parameters
  • Direct correlation between developmental drug testing and the effects on human tissue
  • The potential to filter research drugs at early stages, reducing late stage failures
  • Increased probabilities of success & better decision making
  • Greater confidence in the development process
  • The potential to save resources and R&D cycles

Gain unique insights & decision making abilities early in the drug development process –

Prevent wasted R&D time & resources.

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